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Review of Brazzers (brazzers)

Brazzers - the best thing in the porn universe

For all the little wanker fellas, Uncle Jude is here to help you save your time for more wanking, and less looking for the right place for it. There are so many lame websites out there, that only want to take your money and time and then leave you to hang dry. And when you get horny, you most certainly cannot stay dry, unless you have been living on a different planet, in the form of some strange asexual creature. Which is totally fine; I have no problem with aliens, though. If you want me to be totally honest, most of my fantasies include dominant alien females with three fluorescent tits. However, if you are from another planet, I have to introduce you to the most brilliant thing in the whole galaxy (and beyond) - Brazzers, the king of porn. If you are from around here, and you somehow still haven’t heard of them, this is for you to educate yourself and be able to live in the adult world.

What they offer

The king has been around for fifteen years. That is more than a decade of some pretty ladies helping me out when I get totally bored of all these ladies jumping at me. Brazzers has been there for me in my most tough and the happiest moments. So many categories and pornstars to choose from, and I have tried them all. That is how far back we go, man. But they still manage to surprise me every time they upload new stuff. Lesbian, threesomes, ebonies, stepmoms, gangbangs, gloryholes, you name it - they got everything, and I befriended all of them. And it is not just the diversity of categories that I love, it is the exclusive content for their most loyal fans. Everything they serve, they serve with style. All their videos are in top high definition, and friendly to any smart device. That means you get to enjoy porn at home or porn on the go. Just don’t try it in public and crowded places, as people seem to look at you strangely for some reason. Brazzers was among the first porn sites to include HD content and today most of their videos are in 4K. I wouldn’t take anything less than that, as long-time porn professional. If you are new to pornography, you might not mind lame quality, but I deserve top quality for my needs and I don’t do compromise. They treat their followers accordingly and that’s why they have stayed in business for so long. And that is why they deserved a high rank in Uncle Jude’s premium porn list, which is the best list ever. Unlike that overrated porn prude’s lousy lists that no one actually cares about.

Premium content for their loyal army

Brazzers offers premium videos and most exclusive pornstars like Madison Ivy, Luna Starr, Kendra Sunderland or Brigette B. Oh, the things I did with them. Not many girls know how to satisfy me as these ladies do. I even came across Kendra in town once, and she gave me an inviting, naughty smile, as she sensed how good I would do her. There are so many videos with her here that I know exactly what she loves to do. Unfortunately, I was already on my way to the bootie call with another blonde, so I had to turn her down. This website taught me most of the things I know today. Every star’s profile has a mini-biography with the date and place of birth, height, measurements, hair color, body type and boob type. I already know them by heart, but it is great for all the newcomers to learn something about the stars and see if they match their needs. This intergalactic king has thought of everyone’s needs. These guys are so creative, and they have their own series. There are parody shows like Power Bangers, Ghostbusters, Storm of Kings, America Whore Story or The Whore of Wall Street. Of course, for a gem like this one, you will need to pay a monthly subscription. It would allow you to download the videos as well, and create your own perverted library. And it is unlimited. After all, they are on the top in the pornography world, so it is expected to pay for a ride here. But it sure is a hell of a ride, every time. You can be sure of it, because Uncle Jude says so!


All in all, Brazzers is a premium porn site that offers exclusive and fun content. They have got some of the most relevant stars and their videos are in top high definition. They have been around for quite some time, and they will surely remain at the top of the game for a long time to come.

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