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Review of Reality Kings (reality kings)

Reality Kings

Hi fellow perverts! Uncle Jude is back to help you get on the right path in the porn world. You don’t want to spend your time watching some stupid sites that some irrelevant prude dude is recommending. You have come to the right place to find all the best sites for your fapping adventures. This time I will be guiding you through Reality Kings, which will surely become your right hand (or maybe left). This one takes third place on my premium porn sites list and it is there with a good reason. Since the beginning of time, I have been exploring the porn world, so trust me when I say these guys know how to deliver proper service.

What you can find there

Reality Kings is not just one site with porn videos, it is a true corporation with more than 50 other exclusive sites that will take care of your dirty needs. Every one of them is a different niche, so the fun is neverending. There probably isn’t a category they have not got covered. They offer more than 13000 videos, so they don’t lack quantity for sure. If you think you have seen it all, these guys will prove you wrong. They upload new content every day and only I can say that I have seen them all, as the great master of the porn world. Just go to their homepage and see the new uploads for yourself. They know how to stay in the game, so their new content isn’t just there for the numbers. They show quantity, but they certainly don’t lack quality as well. Reality Kings have been in the porn business for 20 years now, and they don’t plan to stop. They have built a true empire and it is still rising.

So many hot videos to choose from

Uncle Jude loves fun and sexy videos. I don’t just go online, type in a site and pick the first video that seems decent. I need top quality and I don’t take anything less. Reality Kings have them all, from lesbian and gym sex to some more nasty things I like to see. There are over 8000 pornstars, along with amateur girls. You may come across some old, familiar faces, but there are also so many new performers with some great skills. Be open-minded and check them all. You might be surprised and get to meet your new favorite stars. That is how I got to know this porn chick with the best tits ever, and now we are taking our relationship to a whole deeper level, as I got her number, we are dating and everything. Of course, as a true gentleman I won’t reveal who she is, but I can tell you she really is wild. Other girls on this site are mostly great as well, so take your pick and enjoy the ride.

Easy to use

What I also loved about reality Kings is the design. It is simple and effective. Black background with minimal colors works best. It is really easy to navigate, so if you are somehow a weird porn virgin, you will get a hold of it very quickly. It is very easy to find what you are looking for, as the search bar works wonders. Of course, it doesn’t come free of charge, but you can get tons of naughty videos that you can enjoy and store in your own dirty collection for a monthly subscription. It is optimized for mobile use and tablets as well, so you can watch your favorites on the go. It is very practical when you want to kill time or when you travel. I don’t know if I had warned you before, but sometimes people can act strangely around you if you watch porn in front of them, so bear that in mind. I don’t really care about all that, but people can be peculiar tho. Porn is the best thing ever, because Uncle Jude says so!

Learn something new

As a professional pornographer, I know every information about all of the most relevant stars. If you need any tips feel free to ask me. But this site is great as every star’s profile holds a mini-biography with some of the basic details, such as date of birth, birth place, measurements and boob types. And that may be just enough for you to pick what you wish to look at. There are collections of pictures as well, and galleries are the best thing ever. Of course, everything is in high definition, so you can always enjoy your porn to the fullest.


Reality Kings is one of the best premium sites out there. They offer a great number of videos and some of the best pornstars in the whole world. You will find great content and new uploads every day.

Reality Kings
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